IDF: Jenin shooting was not attempted assassination

Aksa Martyrs Brigades commander Zakariya Zubeidi hit in shoulder; IAF strike kills Palestinian who was planting bombs near Gaza fence.

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The IDF said Saturday morning that the shooting overnight in Jenin that wounded Aksa Martyrs Brigades commander Zakariya Zubeidi was not an assassination attempt. Palestinian sources reported earlier that Zubeidi had sustained a hit to the shoulder and was in stable condition. The IDF confirmed that soldiers had shot and wounded a Zubeidi during operations in the city. Also in Jenin, Palestinians fired at soldiers and detonated a large explosive device near an IDF jeep. No one was wounded and no damage caused. shots were fired at soldiers and a large explosive device was In Gaza, an IAF helicopter fired at armed Palestinians near the security fence overnight Friday, killing one Palestinian terror operative and wounding two others, officials said. The army said it carried out the strike after spotting the terrorists trying to plant a bomb. Furthermore, other operatives had been spotted two days earlier planting explosives in the same area. The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a small group, said the militants were "on a holy mission" when they were hit by the strike. The army said terrorists have planted more than 40 bombs along the border since the cease-fire declaration.