IDF launches artillery attack on Gaza

Complete closure called on Gaza Strip and West Bank in response to Kassams.

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erez 88
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The IDF launched an artillery assault against Kassam rocket launch sites in Gaza on Friday. During the night, IAF fighter jets fired missiles at 13 access routes in steep areas in the northern Gaza Strip in the region around Beit Hanun. Before that, the IAF flew over the northern Gaza Strip at high speeds, creating loud sonic booms that were heard in local communities. An IDF spokesperson said that the aim of the air force strike was to impede the travel of terrorists in order to prevent attacks on Israeli territory. Israel imposed a closure on the Gaza Strip and West Bank beginning early Friday, following the firing of seven Kassam rockets into the Negev and near Ashkelon. The closure, imposed as a deterrent measure, did not apply to the Karni goods crossing in the northern Gaza Strip. The air strike was the latest in a series of attacks and counterattacks between the IDF and Palestinian terror attacks since Wednesday. The attacks included a series of Kassam rocket launchings into Israel, an attempted car-bomb explosion on the road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and a drive-by shooting near Hebron in which an Israeli, Yossi Shok, was killed, and two others were wounded.