IDF shells Gaza after Kassam attack

None wounded, several cars damaged in Kassam attacks on Sderot earlier.

homemade kassam 298 (photo credit: AP)
homemade kassam 298
(photo credit: AP)
IDF artillery forces bombarded the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday morning after two Kassam rockets launched from the strip landed in Sderot earlier in the morning. One of the Kassams landed directly on a car and another landed on a pedestrian walkway. No one was wounded, but several vehicles were damaged in the Kassam attack. On Wednesday, four Kassam rockets landed in the Western Negev with two striking homes in Sderot, one landing in an open field and the fourth landing inside the nearby kibbutz of Or Haner. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attacks. Two people suffered from shock after their Sderot apartment building - not far from Defense Minister Amir Peretz's home - was struck by a rocket. The attacks came 24 hours after an elite IDF unit operated on the ground in Gaza for the first time since disengagement and killed four Islamic Jihad operatives in the midst of setting up Kassam rocket launchers. In response to Wednesday's attack, IDF artillery cannons pounded Kassam launch sites in the northern Gaza Strip.