IDF soldier shot dead during West Bank raid

St.-Sgt. Noam Adin Rechter Levi, 20, from Mitzpe Netofa near Tiberias, was killed pre-dawn Thursday in an IDF raid on the town of Beit Zeit, north of Ramallah. IDF sources said that Levi, a soldier from the Duhifat battalion, was killed during an operation to quell rioting in the town, which is home to one of the leading Palestinian universities. Several Palestinian suspects were arrested. Sources said that the IDF was investigating the incident and was looking into the possibility that the soldier was killed by friendly fire. During the patrol through the town, a part of the Duhifat force was separated, and "many questions surround what happened next," according to the sources. The IDF said it was also possible that the force encountered resistance while on patrol, and that the soldier was shot by a Palestinian gunman. The IDF was waiting for autopsy results to determine the cause of death.