IDF wounds 2 Palestinians near Gaza

Troops fired after men approached border, ignored warnings; one armed with bomb.

The IDF wounded two Palestinians on Wednesday as the men approached the Gaza border, the army said, raising concerns about the future of the shaky truce between the two sides that went into effect last week. In one incident in northern Gaza, two men approached the border fence, the IDF said. One of them stood on a post and surveyed the area, while another appeared to be laying a mine near the border, it said. Nearby troops called on them to leave and fired warning shots in the air, driving the men off. A few minutes later, the men returned with others, and the soldiers again fired in the air. However, when one of the men continued working on the ground, the troops shot him, the army said. In a separate incident, a Palestinian man approached the Erez crossing into Israel and ignored soldiers' warnings. The troops shot him in the lower body, the army said. Palestinian health officials said two civilians were wounded in the legs by army fire in northern Gaza.