In their memory

Share with readers the story of the men and women who have fallen defending the land of Israel.

fallen soldiers pic 298 (photo credit: AP)
fallen soldiers pic 298
(photo credit: AP)
22,305 men and women have fallen defending the land of Israel. So many names and so many faces, each representing a world of their own. We would like to know about them: their own unique stories, their passions and their lives; where they served and how they fell. If you knew one of the 22,305 - a relative, friend, neighbor or colleague - please share their stories with us. Please try to limit posts to 250 words. Send us your story >>> Every Shabbat, I pray to Hashem to protect Kol HaChayelim so that Klal Yisroel won't have to mourn any more. I am Canadian and we are proud to have a son who finished his duty in the Nachal Haredi, and another who is current in the middle of his service, and a third son planning to go next January I also have five Israeli nephews who have or will be serving. Marci Rapp, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. The names of fallen IDF soldiers are many. The honor to have served with them from the start of the Yom Kippur War to the final cease-fire between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights is an overwhelming honor. Men of the 7th brigade who served and were killed, from a tank-unit soldier to a "Zelda"- [armored vehicle] soldier during the year 1973-1974 were brave men. From the base at Nafah to Um-Butne and Hosniyah, the men of the 7th brigade, unit 75th "Chuff" outfit platoon, were men of greatness. Today, as fathers and grandfathers, we can only hope and pray for our children that they would not have to endure what we had to endure back then. Ian Feilich, Boca Raton. FL. I do not personally know any soldiers who have fallen in battle, but I have acquaintances and family members who fought for the defense of Israel. G-d bless them, for they fought for G-d's will, and even though they have fallen in doing so they will never be forgotten; as G-d's chosen children are never forgotten. Victor Hanan, USA In memory of Gyuri Beck Gyuri Beck - my grandmother's brother - made Aliyah before the establishment of the State of Israel. He was born in Budapest, son of Marton Beck and Mathilde Balogh; had two brothers, Pista and Laci, and a sister, Magda. He was in the Jewish underground resistance in Hungary during the Shoah, and saved many family members by telling them where to hide and whence to move. His death is shrouded in mystery: A "motorcycle accident" in northern Israel in 1950. The family speculates that due to his experience in the underground, he perhaps died in an intelligence mission defending Israel. Gyuri was a charming, warm, intelligent and handsome young man; talented in sports, specially swimming and water-polo. If somebody can disclose something about his life in Israel during the years 1946-1950, and any information about his death or disappearance, that would be wonderful. Thank you, Roberto Feldmann, Santiago, Chile.