Inclement weather sweeps Israel

Nitzana Bridge collapses; several vehicles drift away; schools in Negev closed down; snow expected to cover Hermon by Tuesday.

bad weather (photo credit: Jack Tonhaben)
bad weather
(photo credit: Jack Tonhaben)
Many roads in the South were closed down following floods and a storm which has been raging since Sunday night.
Route 90, leading from the Dead Sea hotels to the Center, Route 40 and Route 211 in the Negev were closed for traffic. The Nitzana Bridge collapsed due to heavy rainfalls.
The Nitzana, Tzin, Revivim Besor Haroe'h and Beersheba streams were overflowing.
A vehicle drifted away near the Revivim quarry and was still being sought on Monday morning. Two trucks with three travelers were swept into the Paran stream near Eilat and the travelers needed assistance from the local rescue unit and IDF helicopters.
All schools in the Ramat Hanegev Local Council were closed because of the floods. Schools in Kadesh Barne'a, Ezuz, Kmehin, Nitzana, Revivim, Mashabe Sadeh, Telalim and Retamim were closed.
Significant downpours swept the land, especially in the Negev and northern Negev, where 49 millimeters were registered during the night.
The downpour started in the country's south, slowly moving northward. In Jerusalem, 17 mm. were registered, in Tel Aviv and environs amounts between 3 and 7 mm. were noted.
The residents of the Golan Heights are expecting to see snow covering Mount Hermon beginning Tuesday.
The inclement weather was expected to continue throughout the week, and meteorologists predict that the next few days will remain pluvial.
The current system is expected to add some water the lake of Kinneret in the North.