Indictment: Danish tourists raped by three kibbutz youths

The Southern District Attorney's office issued indictments against three youths, aged 19 and 21 from Kibbutz Ein Gedi on Wednesday morning. According to the indictment, the youths are suspected of having raped two female tourists from Denmark, aged 17 and 19, after they refused to consent to willing sexual relations. The three young men accused in the indictment had been acquainted with the Danish tourists for three weeks when the girls stayed at the kibbutz guest house and received Dead Sea spa treatments. According to the victims' claims, one night they drank large quantities of beer with the suspects at the kibbutz pub and at some point went to one of the suspect's rooms. The tourists claimed that one of them was left in one of the suspect's rooms and the other went for a walk with the other kibbutz youth. The Danish girl who stayed behind in the room claims that the suspect raped her, after refusing to consent to sexual relations. Her friend also said in the course of the police investigation that the other two suspects took her to a grass-covered area on the kibbutz where they then raped her.