Irish politician questions Israel's right to exist

A former Irish parliamentarian sparked a firestorm of criticism by publishing an article questioning Israel's right to exist. The Dubliner, a culture and lifestyle magazine, has received more than 2,000 letters attacking Justin Keating's article, which claims Jews did not originate in the land of Israel but rather "occupied some land 2,000 years ago for a historically brief period." The story "crossed the invisible line from being anti-Israel to being anti-Semitic," David Golding, press officer for the Israeli Embassy, told JTA. In an editorial slated to appear in the next issue of the magazine, editor Trevor White says he received "abusive and vulgar e-mails" accusing the magazine of anti-Semitism. "I was shocked at the ferocity of what was clearly an attempt to silence dissent," he writes. The controversy has attracted the attention of RTE, Ireland's state broadcaster, which will feature a panel discussion on the topic Thursday.
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