Israel allows foreigners to flee Gaza Strip

Nearly 300 Palestinians holding foreign passports pour through the Erez border crossing.

gaza bombed mosque 248.88 (photo credit: AP)
gaza bombed mosque 248.88
(photo credit: AP)
Israel allowed dozens of Palestinian holders of foreign passports to escape the the Gaza Strip on Friday. IDF spokesman Peter Lerner said nearly 300 Palestinians entered Israel through the Erez crossing, and that they held dual citizenship from a number of other countries, including the US, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan. On Thursday, Col. Moshe Levi, commander of the IDF's Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration, rejected Palestinian claims of a humanitarian crisis in the Strip. He told the The Jerusalem Post that that since last Sunday more than 330 trucks carrying food, medicine and medical supplies had been allowed into Strip, despite the constant Gazan rocket barrages on the South. In addition, the administration facilitated the transfer of 10 ambulances and 2,000 blood units, and has approved a Palestinian request to allow three Gazans wounded in the fighting into Israel for medical treatment, Levi said. He stressed that Hamas was using civilian infrastructure - including hospitals, mosques and areas next to offices of international aid groups - to conduct terrorist activity and to fire rockets at Israel.