Israel Beiteinu presents list of coalition demands to Netanyahu, Livni

Israel Beiteinu presented its list of coalition demands to both Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu and Kadima leader Tzipi Livni on Friday afternoon. The party is demanding that the government act decisively against terror, including toppling the Hamas regime in Gaza, and that no negotiations are held with terror groups. It also said the new government must submit a bill on the issue of linking citizenship to loyalty to the state and its principles, and that preference must be given to citizens who have served in the army or performed national service when it comes to acceptance into higher education institutions, public sector jobs and the allocation of state land. The party also demanded that the coalition submit a bill to change the system of government within three months, and if not, that any coalition member be allowed to submit a private bill to be voted on by all parties. It also called for a vote by all parties on a civil union bill and for the government to set up a special cabinet to prepare a program for aliah from Europe and the US due to increasing ant-Semitism.