Israel, Jordan conduct joint army drill

Israel, Jordan conduct j

Israel and Jordan conducted a drill simulating an earthquake in the Beit She'an Valley on Monday. According to an Army Radio report on Tuesday morning, IDF Home Front Command forces and their Jordanian counterparts practiced evacuating and treating earthquake victims. To create the full effect, a number of buildings were demolished in Kibbutz Messilot. According to the radio report, the two armies worked in full cooperation, to create common grounds in case of future emergencies. The drill was kept under wraps until its conclusion to avoid exposing Jordan to negative sentiment, which could have brought about a cancellation. Last month marked the 15th anniversary of the Israeli-Jordanian peace agreement, but Jordan has been lashing out at Israel over recent clashes between Arab rioters and security forces in Jerusalem's Old City, warning that Israel's continued "provocative behavior" in the city could "derail all opportunities for peace and stability in the region." On Monday, Jordan's King Abdullah II called on Israelis and Palestinians to refrain from any action which undermines the chances for Middle East peace, and said Israel must treat the Jerusalem issue with sensitivity.