Israel successfully tests Arrow's radar

Green Pine system successfully locates, identifies Blue Sparrow, a missile that mimics Iran's Shihab 3.

arrow launch 224 88 iai (photo credit: IAI [file])
arrow launch 224 88 iai
(photo credit: IAI [file])
Israel successfully tested the Green Pine Radar - an integral part of the Arrow missile defense system - on Tuesday as it tracked a missile made by Rafael, Blue Sparrow, which mimics an upgraded version of Iran's Shihab 3 ballistic missile. When the test was announced, defense officials said that the Blue Sparrow would be fired by an IAF fighter jet off Israel's coast. The missile mimics a Shihab 3 carrying a split warhead and with advanced radar evading capabilities. The Green Pine Radar located and identified the incoming missile and the Citron Tree battle management center related the information to the Arrow battery. A missile was not fired in the exercise. About four weeks ago, the defense establishment decided to press forward with the development and production of Arrow 3, a more advanced version in terms of speed, range and altitude - of the current Arrow 2 version in IDF operation. Israel last tested its Arrow missile in February 2007. Defense officials said that the simulation was part of the Arrow's annual test program and was not connected to intelligence concerning an imminent conflict with any of Israel's neighbors. Later in the year, the IAF plans to hold another drill, during which it will test-fire an Arrow missile to try and intercept an incoming missile.