Israeli diplomat in US: We have moral high ground

Israel's general consul to the Southwest told a sympathetic audience that his country has the moral high ground in its war against Hizbullah, and vowed Israel won't stop fighting until it has destroyed the group. "We will win because we are good and they are evil," Ehod Danoch said to applause from a crowd of about 200 people at a Jewish synagogue in Las Vegas on Wednesday. "We will win because we always came in peace and they came with a call for the destruction of the state of Israel." Israel launched its military campaign against Hezbollah on July 12 after the group captured two Israeli soldiers. Danoch said Israeli soldiers are doing everything they can to minimize civilian casualties, but that it was difficult because Hizbullah fires on Israel from back yards and prevents the residents from fleeing when Israel responds. He also said Israel's response was justified, calling Hizbullah's abduction of its soldiers and its rocket attacks "acts of war." "If the international community will not make an end to the Hizbullah, we will make an end to the Hizbullah," he said. "We are after the terrorists and we will be after them until Israel will be 100 percent, from all the world, secure."