Israeli hurt in W. Bank shooting attack

After losing a lot of blood, Benny Cohen is recovering, friend says.

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As Israel faced a tough decision on whether or not to release Palestinian prisoners serving time for acts of terror, an Israeli was moderately wounded late Tuesday evening in a shooting attack near Karnei Shomron. A car with several Palestinian occupants approached a hitchhiking post at an intersection between Emmanuel and Kedumim, and shot at the people waiting there. One of the three waiting for a ride - Benny Cohen, 30, Army Radio reported - was hit and moderately to seriously wounded.
  • 'Mashaal may not deliver Schalit' Cohen's friend Avi Nas, who was waiting with him, told Army Radio, "We were waiting there for about five minutes. A car drove by, and fired one bullet from a hunting rifle. At first, I didn't realize that they had shot and neither did Benny. He collapsed to the ground and was bleeding profusely." "I tried to determine where he was bleeding from, but couldn't," Nas added, "An IDF patrol happened to be driving by and radioed for an ambulance. Benny started to pale and lost a lot of blood. I called his wife and told her what happened, she is with him in the hospital. I saw him this morning and he is recovering." Zaka said he sustained a wound to the leg. An armored ambulance from Emmanual was scrambled to the scene and provided first aid, after which he was evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva. According to Zaka, the victim was unconscious at the time he was taken to the hospital. IDF troops were conducting sweeps of the area in an attempt to apprehend the shooters.