JDate raises money for children in North [pg. 6]

JDate, the global Jewish on-line dating agency, announced Monday that it had raised $30,000 in donations for children in the North affected by the conflict. The money was raised via appeals to JDate members around the world, and the response was "well above expectations," according to JDate Israel manager Tal Shilev. "What started as a small campaign, gradually took off - to the extent that around 80 percent of the money was raised in the final three days alone," Shilev said. This campaign is the latest in a series of fund-raising drives by the company - and, while Israeli and Jewish charities are uppermost in JDate's priorities, the company "provides support for numerous non-profit organizations of all faiths," according to its Web site. The money raised to assist children in the North will be distributed in partnership with the Jewish National Fund and will go toward funding attendance at summer camps in the center of the country.