Jihad head killed in shootout with IDF

IDF troops shot and killed a top Islamic Jihad activist during a shootout in the West Bank on Sunday afternoon, Palestinian and Israeli officials said

Earlier Sunday, IDF special forces shot dead an Islamic Jihad terrorist during a gunbattle near Jenin. The force was operating near the village of Mutlat Shuheda south of Jenin when it encountered the gunman. Palestinian reports identified him as Nihad Abu Ghanim, 27, and said he had been riddled with bullets in his head, chest and belly. He was reportedly a key Islamic Jihad terrorist in the northern West Bank. The army said its forces were on a routine patrol. This shooting came as IDF troops raided the village of Klil and arrested a suspected Fatah terrorist. He attempted to flee and was captured unhurt. A gunman who had taken to a rooftop was also apprehended. There were no injuries in the raid. The army said it confiscated two Klashnikov assault rifles, three ammunition clips, as well as a variety of bullets.