JNF chairman still undecided

After a tumultuous day in the Likud party, the Labor party enjoyed its own drama on Sunday following the election for chairman of the Jewish National Fund at the annual meeting of the World Labor Zionist Movement. According to the final tally of votes, Givatayim mayor Efi Stenzler, who is supported by Labor party leader Amir Peretz, beat out the other main contender Arik Hadad by one ballot. Hadad, who is supported by Binyamin Ben Eliezer, called on the election committee to recount the votes after learning that the two extra ballots which would have tipped the vote in his favor had been disqualified, said a spokeswoman for JNF. She said that an internal committee within Labor would investigate the matter and that it was possible that another election could be held. Current JNF chairman Yehiel Leket will remain head of the organization until July 17.