Kids brandish guns to test IDF vigilance

13-yr.-old Palestinians approach Gaza security fence with toy guns.

hamas children 298 88ap (photo credit: AP)
hamas children 298 88ap
(photo credit: AP)
A group of Palestinian children were sent towards the Gaza Strip border fence holding toy guns on Thursday in order to test the vigilance of the soldiers on duty. From a distance, troops noticed four apparently armed Palestinians approaching the border north of the Kissufim crossing. When the four were some 400 meters from the fence, the soldiers realized that they were children, who looked to be about 13 years of age, and that their guns were toys. The Gaza security fence has become the scene of almost daily incidences of would-be infiltrations from the Gaza Strip, attempted terror attacks, and occasionally exchanges of fire. Earlier Thursday, IDF forces arrested two unarmed Palestinians who breached the fence in order to cross into Israel. And only Monday, a Palestinian was shot and killed by IDF soldiers after they identified three men near the fence and fired at them, suspecting they intended to carry out an attack.