Kirlik insistant on claim of innocence

Suspect denies Oshrenko family murder, says he's ready for polygraph.

Dimitry Kirilik 311 (photo credit: YAAKOV LAPPIN)
Dimitry Kirilik 311
(photo credit: YAAKOV LAPPIN)
Dimitry Kirilik, accused of killing six members of the Oshrenko family last October, rejected the accusations against him on Sunday in court.  He claimed in Petah Tikva's District Court that he had been in his family's kitchen in Rishon Lezion when the murder was to have occurred.
Kirilik went as far as telling an investigator in prison that he was willing to undergo a polygraph examination to prove his innocence.
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Kirlik claimed that he originally admitted to the killings out of the fear that the real murderer would seek to harm his own family.
Prosecutor Oded Keller proceeded during the trial to ask Kirilik why he told his wife after returning to their home that night, "It's over, I killed them all."
Kirlik's response was that he could not possibly have made such an utterance, but perhaps he had said something similar while in a hallucinatory state.