Korean pastor prays for rain

Korean pastor prays for

korean pastor Jaerock Lee 248 88 (photo credit: )
korean pastor Jaerock Lee 248 88
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Hopes for a rainy winter may have gotten a boost Sunday when Dr. Jaerock Lee, the South Korean leader of a world-wide mega church televised a prayer to millions of his followers asking God to send more rain to Israel. Lee's church, called Manmin, had its annual convention in Jerusalem last month and held two prayer services in which members of his organization claimed ill people were made well and in which he promised to rid the country of swine flu through prayer. The members of Manmin believe that Lee possesses direct access to God. "God, I ask you to go by Israel and bless the country with bountiful rain and saturate its parched soil," Lee said in his prayer on Sunday. "Israel had suffered from drought and a lack of rain for a long period, however after my prayer in Jerusalem last month I heard that rain has fallen already, but Israel needs more." Israel plays an important part in the theology of Lee and his congregation. "I love Israel because God has chosen Israel and because this land was the place our Lord and Savior Jesus was born," Lee said during his visit to Jerusalem last month. "God also foretold that [the Jews] would return to the land and reestablish a nation according to God's plan," Johnny Kim, the director-general of Manmin TV, told The Jerusalem Post last month. Manmin boasts millions of members worldwide, with more than 9,000 member churches.