Large fire at Acre metal factory

Hundreds told to stay indoors for fear of hazardous waste burning.

building on fire (photo credit: illustrative)
building on fire
(photo credit: illustrative)
A large fire erupted near a metal processing plant south of Acre Saturday, hundreds of local residents were told to stay indoors to avoid inhaling hazardous smoke. Firefighters were at the scene.
The fire at the "Hod Pladot" plant began around 11 a.m. at the plant’s waste collection area, and it was believed that hazardous materials were being burned by the flames, making the fumes potentially harmful.
Great plumes of smoke rose above the Haifa Bay and residents in nearby communities were advised to remain indoors for fear of inhaling the hazardous substances. A Ministry for Environmental Protection hazardous materials treatment patrol was called in by the emergency services and consulted on the fire.
Twenty firefighter teams were at work on the site in the afternoon, trying to get the fire under control. An initial eight teams had not sufficed, and support was called in from other regions.
Route 4 was intermittently closed between Albin and Ein Hamifratz junctions due to the smoke, and police were redirecting traffic to alternative routes.
The Ramle-Lod market hosted at Kfar Masaryk on Saturday was vacated by the police.