Lecturers Union to enlist all non-state funded programs in strike

The Senior Lecturers Union (SLU) has decided to enlist all non-state funded programs in the strike beginning next Sunday, the organization said Thursday night. "I am not surprised by the short-sighted behavior of Finance Ministry officials, but from the education minister [Yuli Tamir], a professor in Israel, I would have expected more responsible treatment which would have solved the crisis," SLU head Prof. Tzvi Hacohen said in a statement after a late evening meeting with Finance Ministry officials. Hacohen told The Jerusalem Post earlier Thursday that they are considering bringing in the students as well. "There is lots of talking but only nominal negotiating. We are considering intensifying the strike by enlisting the students. The students will understand how important this is," he said at a rally of senior lecturers outside the Treasury to protest the lack of funding for basic research. The defense establishment will not be included in the strike however, the SLU said.