'Livni has damaged Kadima and country'

Mofaz Livni damaged Kad

The bad blood between Kadima leader Tzipi Livni and MK Shaul Mofaz showed no signs of abating on Monday as the party No. 2 accused the chairwoman of "damaging" the party and the country by not joining the coalition. "Livni didn't consult with any of the senior members of Kadima when she decided not to join the government," he said during a faction meeting. Mofaz demanded that Livni announce her stance within days concerning a party leadership primary and called on her to hold the vote in three months. "Livni was offered the positions of acting prime minister, defense minister, foreign minister and Knesset speaker," he said. "Kadima could have been a leading part of the government, but instead it is a party in the opposition and does not advance any serious issue." He also accused Livni of lacking transparency in running Kadima and claimed the party's deficit had reached NIS 40 million. Also during Monday's meeting, the Kadima faction unanimously rejected Eli Aflalo's demand to split from the party and form a one-man faction. Faction members called on Aflalo to remain in the party and for Livni to hold reconciliation talks with him. During the meeting, Aflalo blasted Livni, exclaiming, "I don't trust you and I have many doubts about your leadership." He also claimed he had "proof that you and your people tried to work against me in the primaries."