Man clinically brain dead after trying to break up fight

Ashdod resident Eli Ifergin, 36-year-old father of three, was trying to help outside a nightclub in Tel Aviv.

Eli Ifergin is clinically brain dead after suffering head wounds while breaking up a fight outside a Tel Aviv club, medical staff at the city’s Ichilov Hospital announced on Sunday.
The family of Ifergin, a 36- year-old father of three from Ashdod, was meeting with a rabbi to decide whether to pull the plug on their loved one.
Early on Friday morning, October 8, Ifergin tried to break up a fight between two women outside a nightclub in south Tel Aviv after closing hours. He was confronted by the club’s promoter, Shai Sagan, who police say later followed him to his car and smashed him in the back of the head with a motorcycle helmet.
Ifergin immediately fell to the ground, suffering from massive bleeding inside his cranium. He was rushed to Ichilov where he was in critical condition on life support.
He never woke up, and on Sunday his condition took a turn for the worse, leading medical staff to tell his family they need to consider the possibility of pulling the plug.
Sagan was arrested shortly after the incident but was released by the court to house arrest.
The police went to the judge with a picture of Ifergin on life support. Police told the court Ifergin might not survive and asked for a new hearing for Sagan. The judge agreed and Sagan was returned to the custody of police, who will seek charges of aggravated assault against him.