Man 'comes back to life' in Ramat Gan

Health Ministry probes case of 84-yr-old who moved his hand after being pronounced dead by doctor.

MDA 248.88 (photo credit: MDA [file])
MDA 248.88
(photo credit: MDA [file])
Israel Police and Magen David Adom will conduct an investigation into the unusual case of an 85-year-old man found in his Ramat Gan apartment on Wednesday, who was declared dead by medics but was actually alive. An MDA spokesperson said medics found the man lying on his stomach amid filth in his living room, with maggots and blue "death marks" on his "cold" body. They could not find a pulse or signs that he was breathing, and there was a putrid smell in the apartment. When a doctor arrived to examine him and sign a death certificate, a policeman came near to the "body" and said in shock: "The corpse is moving his hand." A mobile intensive care unit was called to perform resuscitation. The man was then rushed to Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer where he was attached to a respirator and was reportedly barely conscious. Doctors at the hospital said he had a "weak pulse" but indicated his condition had improved somewhat. According to the MDA, an investigation team comprised of senior staffers - including its chief paramedic - had been set up to reach conclusions about the incident, the results of which were expected within a few days. Until recommendations regarding the case are issued, the team that examined the man and declared him dead was suspended from all medical activity. The Ministry of Welfare and Social Services commented that the man had not had any connection with the social welfare services. However, he is now being supervised by the authorities, as the Ramat Gan Municipality sent social workers to the hospital to monitor his condition.