Meet the panel

Who does The Israel Factor turn to for American-Israeli political analysis? Meet the panelists who share their opinions and commentary with us.

Alon Pinkas isan Israeli diplomat who most recently served as Consul general of Israelin the United States.He has also served as Chief of Staff to Shlomo Ben-Ami and David Levy, and wasa foreign policy advisor for Ehud Barak and political advisor to Shimon Peres.


Dan Halperin served as minister for economicaffairs at the Embassy of Israel in Washington,negotiated the Free-Trade Area Agreement between Israeland the US.

Ambassador Dore Gold is President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He wasthe eleventh Permanent Representative of Israelto the United Nations (1997-1999). Previously he served as Foreign PolicyAdvisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, as well as an advisor to formerPrime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Eyal Naveh is a Senior Fellow at the IsraelDemocracy Institute, where he heads the Political Education project. Naveh wasthe chairperson of the General and Interdisciplinary Studies program at Tel Aviv Universitybetween 2003 and 2007. He is a professor of UShistory in the History Department at Tel Aviv University.

Eytan Gilboa is Professor of PoliticalScience and Communication, Director of the Center for InternationalCommunication and Senior Researcher at the BESA Center for Strategic Studies - allat Bar-Ilan University.He is a world renowned expert on US politics and foreign policy,American-Israeli relations, international communication and diplomacy.

Fred Lazin joinedthe faculty at Ben-Gurion Universityin Israel in1975, where he established an Interdisciplinary Program in Urban Studies andthe Department of General Studies. In 1991 Fred became the Lynn and Lloyd HurstFamily Professor of Local Government. He recently completed a term as Chair ofthe Department of Politics and Government at BGU.

Yossi Shain is an academic specializing ininternational relations, comparative politics and diaspora politics. Heformerly headed the political science department at Tel Aviv University,and from 1999-2003, was the "Goldman Visiting Professor ofGovernment" at Georgetown University.At present he holds a dual-appointment at both Georgetownand TAU.

Zvi Rafiah is a consultant and commentatoron US affairs, and is a highly referenced source when it comes to Americanpolitical analysis and American-Israeli relations. Rafiah served in the Israelidiplomatic service for 21 years and was Minister-Counselor at the Israeliembassy in Washington.