Meretz apologizes for calling Barak "Not Normal," removes Internet ads

Meretz Internet banners calling Labor chairman Ehud Barak 'Not Normal' were removed on Tuesday, following harsh criticism from Labor. Meretz apologized, and said that a typing mistake was unintentionally made in the ads. Meretz's Internet campaign, which shows an unseen hand spraying over the big parties' campaign ads, and the caption "We deserve something better", had not made any waves until earlier this week. Some of the banners that went up to the Internet on Monday included Barak's campaign slogan "Not Trendy, Not Nice, Not a Friend -a Leader," with the caption changed to, "Barak is not trendy, not a chum and not normal." On Tuesday evening Meretz removed the ads and published an apology: "A typing mistake was made in the ad. There was no intention to attack Barak. Barak is not trendy, not a chum but he is certainly normal," the response read.