Meretz Youth: Ramon's statement has hint of racism

Meretz Youth Chairman Uri Zacki, stated on Thursday that the manner in which MK Haim Ramon decided against the participation of the largest Arab party in the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, proved that the patronizing attitude towards the Arab minority in Israel does not only characterize the extreme Right. Zacki told the The Jerusalem Post that he found Ramon's decision had a hint of racism. In an interview with Army Radio, Ramon said he viewed the meeting with Palestinian MPs as very severe, and that measures should be taken against the United Arab List (UAL), claiming that "Every Israeli citizen, whether Jew or Arab, meeting with a representative of a terror organization is performing a grave deed and in my opinion it is against the law, especially when he is a member of Knesset." Zacki called upon Kadima MK Shimon Peres to reverse the decision and enable the representation of Arab-Israelis in all government institutions.