Military police arrest young mother whilst breast-feeding

Military police detained Tamara Ukrasnik, a young mother who is also a defecting soldier, at 4am, Channel 10 reported Sunday. A team of military policemen, including four men and one woman, arrived at Ukrasnik's home while she was breast-feeding her baby son, she said in the TV interview. According to Ukrasnik, when she tried to explain that her arrest would be problematic as her baby needs her, the policemen said the baby was her "problem." They proceeded to take her to military jail, leaving the baby with his father. Tamara served in the IDF for 5 months before falling pregnant and being released from military service. Ukrasnik said she was released after a doctor confirmed her pregnancy, but that only her direct commander was aware of her situation. An IDF spokesman said Tamara had defected military mandatory service for over a year and a half and was brought to a military police base in order to settle her status and be formally released from military service.