Missing tour guide found stripped, shot in Golan

Missing tour guide found

A man found naked with a gunshot wound to his head on Thursday in the Golan Heights has been named by police as 60-year-old tour guide Nir Gur. A group of tourists alerted police after spotting Gur lying on the ground in Mitzpe Gadot. He was rushed to the Ziv Hospital in Safed in critical condition, and treated for blood loss. He was transferred to Rambam Hospital in Haifa after doctors discovered a bullet lodged in his brain. Gur remains in intensive care. "We are examining all directions. There is no specific lead at this time," a Galilee police source told The Jerusalem Post. The source added that there was no evidence to suggest that the incident was terrorist-related. "We're waiting for a possible improvement in his condition so that we can obtain more details about the circumstances of the shooting," the source added. Authorities could not name Gur in the days after his discovery, as no identifying documents were recovered by police. His family, who had reported him missing, were contacted on Saturday and brought to Rambam Hospital, where they made a positive identification. Gur was last seen at the Masada site, near the Dead Sea, before he disappeared last week. His vehicle was later recovered by police in the Karmiel area. Search teams made up of rescue officials and volunteers then scoured the Judean Desert and the North for him. During a previous hiking trip he undertook last week, Gur was hospitalized for a short period after tripping and falling, but was released after doctors gave him a clean bill of health.