MK Ariel: Instead of stifling terrorism, Israel fuels it

In a reaction to the terror attack at Nahal Oz near the Gaza Strip NU/NRP MK Uri Ariel said Wednesday that "once again Israeli citizens pay with their lives and their blood- because of the easing of restrictions for the 'well-being' of the Palestinians." According to the MK, "fuel is being shipped to the PA through the border crossing at Nahal Oz which is used to launch Kassam rockets, and instead of blocking the Gaza Strip- which would stifle terror- the government continues to fuel it." Meanwhile, MK Avigdor Lieberman (Israel Beiteinu) said that "the murderous terror attack could have been prevented if the government would halt the supply of fuel and electricity to the Gaza Strip." Lieberman continued, "The government needs to disengage from Gaza as I've said before". Meir Eindor, head of Almagor, an organization representing victims of terror commented, "Instead of the Palestinians paying us for fuel that we provide them, we pay them with our blood." "The time has arrived for the government to halt this farce surrounding the fuel shipment issue and declare in the coming months that no further fuel be shipped to Gaza."