MK Eitan to mediate between Sharon and 'rebels'

Knesset Constitution and Law Committee Chairman MK Michael Eitan was nominated informally to mediate between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's allies in the Likud and the Likud rebel faction led by former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The Likud lacked rules of conduct for dissenting members within the party, Eitan told Channel 2 in a Monday night interview. Eitan also stressed the importance of unifying the ranks. "The name of the game is 'until April' or 'until the primaries.'" Problems of personal animosity could be resolved, he added, but if Likud members sought to destroy the party, nothing can be done to save the Likud. Eitan also said that, despite the fact that he would love to be a minister with more influence than he currently had, the dominance of the Likud as a political party was more important to him.