MK Tirosh endorses Mofaz for Kadima leadership

Kadima MK Ronit Tirosh on Monday endorsed Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz for the Kadima leadership. "I entered politics in order to advance an educational and socioeconomic agenda," she said. "With all these things in mind, and the need for military experience, I have decided to support Shaul Mofaz, although all four candidates for the Kadima leadership are worthy." Tirosh said that Mofaz as defense minister displayed acute socioeconomic sensitivity and initiated successful education initiatives such as 'Atidim' - a program that takes high school students with potential and trains them to be good soldiers, academics, public servants and productive citizens - as well as projects that allowed soldiers to finish their matriculation. She said such sensitivity was vital "especially with the threat Israel is under and the military and socioeconomic challenges Israel will be facing over the next few years." "I'm convinced that Israel requires a prime minister with experience in dealing with these challenges," added Tirosh.