Mulner-Alperon gang rivalry heats up

12 questioned after TA brawl in which gang members draw pistols.

yaakov alperon 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
yaakov alperon 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Gang violence reared its ugly head yet again Sunday as two gangs with a history of violence against the other - one headed by Ya'akov Alperon, the other by Amir Mulner - drew pistols during a brawl in a Tel Aviv restaurant. Underworld figure Nissim Alperon, brother of Ya'akov Alperon, along with eleven others, were taken for questioning by police following the brawl. The owner of the Mifgash Hasteak" restaurant on Rehov Petah Tikva alerted police after realizing that the situation was getting out of control. Police confiscated the pistols, while the possibility that a bomb was placed in the vicinity of the restaurant was also being investigated by police. Amir Mulner was stabbed in a hotel fight, allegedly by Ya'akov Alperon's 18-year-old son Dror during an 'underworld summit' at the beginning of January at the Daniel Hotel in Herzliya. His bodyguards were was also taken by police for questioning. Members of the Alperon gang, according to Channel 2, were also able to vandalize one of the cars belonging to a member of Mulner's gang outside the restaurant. In early March Ya'akov Alperon and two of his associates were arrested, then released on bail after they were found to be in possession of tear gas, a switchblade, two baseball bats and another metal club.