Nanny caught on CCTV violently abusing baby

A young couple who entrusted their newborn in the hands of a nanny were shocked to reveal, through closed circuit cameras they installed in their house, that the nanny was abusing their child. Footage reproduced on Israeli TV Thursday evening showed the woman picking up the baby from its crib, holding it by its arm and yanking it violently when it cried. In another clip, the woman is seen beating the baby in an attempt to make it stop crying. The couple gave the tapes to police, and the woman was arrested the following day. The horrifying case was not the first time Israeli parents found that the very person they counted on to give their child loving care while they were busy earning a living, was in fact inflicting their baby with physical and mental damage. The woman has been brought to court for remand extension and faces up to 18 months incarceration.