Netanyahu urges settlers to show restraint, respect law

Clinton condemns fatal Kiryat Arba attack, praises prime minister in Washington "for seeking different future for children of Israel."

Netanyahu Clinton (photo credit: Moshe Milner GPO )
Netanyahu Clinton
(photo credit: Moshe Milner GPO )
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday urged settlers in the West Bank to show restraint and respect the rule of law in Israel in the wake of the fatal terrorist attack that took place near Hebron on Tuesday that left four Israelis dead.
Speaking before a meeting with US President Barack Obama, Netanyahu told US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the building moratorium currently in place will expire in September as planned.
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Netanyhau reiterated that the subject of the West Bank settlements must be part of the negotiations and can not be separated from other core issues.
Clinton also reacted to the fatal terror attack and said that "these kinds of acts can not be allowed to continue."
"Some of the reasons why the prime minister is here today is to engage with those Palestinians who have rejected violence to peace," Clinton said.
Clinton thanked Netanyahu for his leadership and "for seeking a different future for the children of Israel."