Netanyahu warns of 'Iranian base' facing Tel Aviv; blames gov't policy

Calling the South Lebanon and Gaza withdrawals in 2000 and 2005 "bases for Iran," Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday said the government's policy of withdrawals "has failed the test of the end result." According to Netanyahu, "We must not repeat this mistake. This time we're going to have an Iranian base facing Jerusalem and the Dan Bloc [which includes Tel Aviv]. We have to prevent Iran's armament and not let it establish new bases on our territory." The former prime minister said the government had mistakenly allowed the conflict with Hamas to deteriorate into one of attrition, and called for a return to deterrence, "which means not a slow escalation, but using disproportionate force." He insisted that "in Judea and Samaria, security must remain in our hands. There can be no subcontractors. If we give up this control, terror won't crawl in, but charge headlong toward us."