New JPost Mobile service launched

The Jerusalem Post, Israel's leading Englishlanguage daily both in print and on the Web, has deployed the Targetize Mobile Web solution to enable fast and easy searching and retrieval of content from the Jerusalem Post Web site and archives. The JPost Mobile service is now available for free in its beta version at, and will soon be launched as a paid subscription-based service. The current security situation has created heavy traffic on the JPost Web site and increased interest in the new JPost Mobile service. "We are excited by the initial results from our Targetize system," said VP New Media Moti Schwartz, who is in charge of Web-based business activities for the Post. "The Post is recognized as the leading source of reliable news and information on the Middle East, and the Web site is accessed daily by vast numbers all around the world. We have also developed a reputation for taking on new technology early on. We anticipate an entirely new range of interest and revenue from mobile users accessing video clips, images and of course text. This initiative grants us an entr e into the burgeoning mobile Web access sector, utilizing the industry-leading Targetize platform." "The new service is the optimal combination between Post content, which is attractive to English speaking users interested in Israel and Judaism, all over the world, and the Targetize technology, which allows the Post to distribute its content through a new media - the mobile handsets," explained Avichai Levy, Targetize's CEO. "Our technology enabled The Jerusalem Post to launch the service quickly - and to deliver a unique, friendly user experience." Targetize, the leader in mobile Web search technology, has successfully completed a pilot test of the system for the JPost Web site, and has brought the system to full commercial operation, all within a few weeks.