New PRC rocket 'can reach Ashdod'

Threatens to fire the 'Nasser-4' if Gaza invaded; PMO spokesman: This is "clear violation" of truce.

The Popular Resistance Committees in the Gaza Strip announced over the weekend that they are in possession of Nasser-4 rockets that have a range of 25 kilometers and can reach Ashdod. Senior activists in the organization said the rocket was far more lethal than the current Nasser-3 model. The group said that it would fire the new rockets at Israel if the IDF attempted to retake the Gaza Strip. "We have been under siege for the last two years," Ibrahim Dahman, a senior Popular Resistance Committees activist, told CNN. "The only thing left is for them to invade and kill us." The unveiling of the new rockets was a "clear violation" of the Gaza truce reached in June, Prime Minister's Office spokesman Mark Regev told CNN. "The cease-fire that was negotiated through Egypt was very specific that the Hamas movement and the other terrorist groups can't use it as a period to import more weapons, more explosives, more rockets into the Gaza Strip," he added. Israel reserved "the right to act, if need be, to protect ourselves. We don't want this current quiet just to be the quiet before the storm," Regev said. On Friday, a Kassam rocket fired from northern Gaza hit an open area in the Ashkelon Regional Council. No damages or injuries were reported. The incident continues a pattern of sporadic Gazan mortar and rocket attacks since the cease-fire was declared two months ago. The last such attack took place on Monday when a rocket fired from Gaza struck Sderot.