Officer ordered to compensate refugee

Highly decorated IDF major convicted of beating African who crossed into Israel via Egypt in 2006.

refugee at border 224.88 (photo credit: Channel 10)
refugee at border 224.88
(photo credit: Channel 10)
An IDF major, who physically abused an infiltrator from Ghana in 2006 at the Egypt-Israel border, will have to compensate the man, the Ynet news website has reported. The officer feared terrorist infiltration and during the investigation slapped the African twice, punched him and even aimed his gun at the suspect. Despite the fact that the officer was seriously wounded in Gaza and was highly decorated by the IDF chief of staff, a military court ruled that he will have to pay the infiltrator NIS 1500. However, the prosecution's request to demote the officer was rejected by the court. Specifically, the judges in the case ruled that though the migrant had crossed the border illegally, he noticed the soldiers and requested that the officer take him to the refugee camp. "Please, for God's sake, take me to the refugee camp," the man reportedly implored the soldiers. The officer suspected that the man hadn't crossed the border alone and, during his preliminary investigation, hit the suspect, including punches to the stomach. The major, who began serving in 1991, had filled a variety of operational commands in many sectors, received much praise from his commanders in the past. One of his commanders, Brig. Gen. Yoel Streek, acknowledged the failure in the major's behavior towards the Ghanainan suspect, but noted that the officer had acted tirelessly in the fulfillment of his military duties and, therefore, requested that the judges sentence the officer leniently. He received similar praise from Brig. Generals Shmuel Zakkai (Res.) and Imad Farres.