Olmert asks citizens to try to lead normal lives

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert opened Sunday's cabinet meeting by sending his condolences to the families of "those who have been killed" in the fighting in the North. He also offered his best wishes for a full recovery to the wounded. "Today, the heart of the entire State of Israel is with the IDF forces, on land, sea and air, which are continuing to risk their lives in order to strike at the terrorists, those who seek our lives, in order to realize our right to live normal lives in all parts of the State of Israel, like every other people seeks for itself in its country," Olmert said. The prime minister called for citizens to maintain their normal daily lives to the best of the their abilities, and he said the government was going to discuss ways to assist residents in their attempts to lead normal lives. "Again, I must express my amazement at the willingness of all sections of the public, even those in the line of fire, to assist residents of the north. Such displays of mutual responsibility and partnership are deeply appreciated both by the public and by the government," Olmert offered.