Olmert to Sky: Will not tolerate nukes; prepared for sacrifices

In an interview with Sky News, the Prime Minister discusses Iran and the Palestinian situation ahead of his arrival to England.

Olmert pissed off 298 (photo credit: AP [file])
Olmert pissed off 298
(photo credit: AP [file])
In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Olmert reiterated positions on Iran and the current situation in the territories. Iran "Israel will not tolerate the possession of nuclear weapons in the hands of those who say they wish to wipe another country off the map." "There is a serious attempt by the EU 3 and an additional two countries in China and Russia to establish a serious offer for the Iranians to open the way for them to change their plans about possessing nuclear capabilities. I hope they will be smart and respond to it...I think that the move by President Bush was very smart...to prove that we are ready for a diplomatic solution." "When such a threat comes from a head of state after World War II, no one has the right to ignore it…When it comes from a head of state who makes extraordinary efforts to possess a nuke bomb, even more so." Palestinians "I'm not going to negotiate on television, but I'm ready to make these sacrifices and I spelled it out to the public opinion of my country prior to the elections and it cost me many votes, but I got a clear mandate and I'm ready to go." "We want to negotiate with Abu Mazen...I plan to see him later this month and see what I can do to help him." "But if it will be agreed by the international community that conditions have not matured to allow negotiations...[then] shall we try to do something that will move things forward that will help create an environment of better understanding? That's what I'm interested in doing and I don't think that we should wait too much." "We are not going to keep the status quo forever. We want to move, we want to change. We want to create better conditions for peace in the Middle East."