Olmert warns of Hamas-controlled PA

"The moment Hamas assumes power, Israel to play by completely different rules."

hania smiles with hamas  (photo credit: AP)
hania smiles with hamas
(photo credit: AP)
Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday that "the moment the Palestinian parliament is sworn in, the Palestinian Authority becomes a Hamas Authority." The moment that Hamas assumes power, Olmert added, "Israel [would] play by completely different rules. The acting prime minister reiterated the government's demands that Hamas put a stop to terrorism; recognize Israel; and honor existing agreements between Israel and the PA. The outgoing PA parliament was scheduled to convene on Monday to pass a number of laws before Hamas assumes power, one of which would grant the PA prime minister the authority to disperse a sitting parliament if he sees fit, Israel Radio reported. Earlier Sunday, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni urged the international community to stand firm against Hamas, which confirmed Saturday that it plans to travel to Moscow this month for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "The Russian position is currently not accepted in the international community," Livni told Israel Radio. "Part of the danger is going down the slippery slope of first talks, then starting to understand why, then financial support, then granting legitimacy. Action should be taken against this phenomenon." Livni cautioned the world against accepting "vague" Hamas statements. "There is no negotiation here with Hamas about what it will and will not agree to," she said. "The conditions here are very clear, the situation is black and white." Hamas said it did not expect Russia to impose conditions for the planned trip, despite US calls for Moscow to send a clear message that Hamas must halt attacks on Israel and recognize the Jewish state.