Palestinians fire at troops in West Bank

Army arrests 20 suspected terrorists overnight; IDF shoots gunman in Nablus.

jihad member 298.88 (photo credit: AP)
jihad member 298.88
(photo credit: AP)
Several violent incidents between Palestinians and IDF soldiers occurred throughout the West Bank on Wednesday night. In Jenin, Palestinians detonated an explosive device under an IDF vehicle and opened fire towards troops. No one was wounded and no damage was reported. IDF troops fired towards a group of armed Palestinians in Nablus, hitting one of the gunmen. The condition of the wounded man was unclear. There were no casualties among the IDF soldiers. Palestinians threw rocks at an Israeli bus traveling near Beitin, northeast of Ramallah overnight Wednesday. No casualties or damage to the bus were reported. IDF soldiers arrested 20 Palestinian fugitives in operations throughout the West Bank overnight Wednesday. Three Islamic Jihad operatives were arrested in Jenin, while in Kalkilya, troops caught five Hamas operatives. Two more Hamas men were apprehended in Bethlehem. Eight additional fugitives were nabbed in Hebron and two were arrested in Nablus. Early Wednesday morning an IDF soldier was shot and moderately wounded when Palestinians fired on an elite paratrooper unit in an ambush in Jenin's refugee camp.