'Palestinians firing Chinese-made rockets'

Police tell 'Post' that 107 millimeter rocket - often called a 'Grad,' and 2 other types come from overseas.

A growing number of Chinese-made rockets are being smuggled into the Gaza Strip from Sinai and fired at Israel, a senior police sapper told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, at least two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at the western Negev, with no injuries or damage being reported. During a press conference held Tuesday in Jerusalem, Supt. Kobi Preger, deputy head of the Israel Police's national bomb disposal laboratory, identified at least three types of Chinese-made rockets among those being fired from the Gaza Strip. "The 107 millimeter [diameter] rocket, often called a 'Grad,' and two types of 122mm rockets are made in China," Preger said. He added that one version of the 122mm rocket had a range of 40 kilometers and had been used by Hamas to target areas such as Yavne, north of Ashdod, during Operation Cast Lead. It is widely believed that the group is seeking to obtain rockets that can reach Tel Aviv. While a Grad-type 107mm rocket carries 1.2 kilograms of explosives, both forms of the 122mm rocket can carry 6.3kg, Preger said. "Regarding improvised rockets made in Gaza, terrorists are trying improve on the range," he warned. "The rockets are going farther and getting more powerful." Over the years, Palestinian factions have competed against each other to create their own rocket types. According to the police, the Palestinian Resistance Committees has produced the al-Nasser, identifiable by its black and green camouflage colors and red tip. Fatah in Gaza has made and fired the al-Aqsa rocket, while Islamic Jihad uses the al-Quds 3 rocket. Hamas's flagship rocket is the Kassam, which in its various forms is usually marked with red and green colors.