'Pearlman abused by investigators'

Shin Bet calls lawyer's allegations a "smear campaign."

haim pearlman 2 311 (photo credit: screen shot)
haim pearlman 2 311
(photo credit: screen shot)
An attorney for "Jewish terrorist" Haim Pearlman Friday claimed that investigators had tied Pearlman to a chair for up to 16 hours a day during questioning while investigators cursed at him, threatened, and attacked him.
The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) rejected the allegations, saying they were part of a "smear campaign launched after the suspects arrest." In a statement, the agency said "as part of the proceedings, the suspects were asked of their well-being and raised no claims allegedly pertaining to abuse." RELATED:Pearlman, Sitbon to meet attorneys2nd
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The lawyer, Sharon Nahari, stated that Pearlman continued to maintain his silence throughout the interrogation, as he has already told the full version of his story to the press, and has nothing to add. Nahari said Pearlman had been handcuffed to a chair for up to 16 hours a day while interrogators cursed at him, threatened him, and attacked him.
Nahari called the investigation illegitimate, saying he was "shocked by the physical and emotional abuse that my clients went through."
Pearlman and alleged accomplice David Sitbon were allowed to meet with their defense attorneys for the first time Friday.
Haim Pearlman was arrested for the murder of four Arabs over a period from 1998 to 2004, and the attempted murder of seven more.
His friend David Sitbon was also arrested on Monday, charged with stealing a weapon from an IDF base and passing it to Pearlman. Sitbon's brother Yossi was arrested Tuesday, and his parents Thursday, in what their lawyer said was an effort to pressure a cooperation with the investigators.