Photos leaked to press show Ramon and 'Heh' hugging

Ramon accuser denies making suggestive comments at him.

ramon and accuser 298.88 (photo credit: Channel 2)
ramon and accuser 298.88
(photo credit: Channel 2)
Photos published on Channel 2 news on Tuesday night show former justice minister Haim Ramon and 'Heh', the woman who accuses him of sexual harassment, as they hug each other while 'Heh' is seen smiling. According to Ramon, the photos prove that the two were close, thereby backing up his claim that 'Heh' was attracted to him. Meanwhile,the former woman soldier who complained that Ramon had kissed her forcibly and repeatedly inserted his tongue into her mouth testified behind closed doors Tuesday to refute statements made by three defense witnesses who told the court on January 1 that the soldier had told them she "couldn't resist" Ramon. "The weight of their testimonies amounts to zero," the lawyer for the accuser said, and added that the testimonies were "callous and harsh." According to one of the three witnesses, the former soldier told a friend around the time of the incident that she was 'mad' about Ramon and that he was 'gorgeous.' All together, three women who were in the cafeteria of the Prime Minister's Office when the soldier allegedly made the statements testified during the hearing. One of them, Rivka Faluch, who is the prime minister's adviser on religious affairs, said the woman also made movements 'which I am embarrassed to repeat in the courtroom.' Faluch and the other two witnesses testified that the cafeteria incident occurred in the summer, which would put it close to the time when Ramon kissed the soldier, on July 12, prior to a cabinet consultation leading to the decision to strike at Hizbullah. "[The statements of the witnesses] nearly turned my client into the accused," the complainant's lawyer said. In another development Tuesday, it was announced that the verdict in the trial would be handed down on January 31.