PM, Peres 'shocked' by child murders

Netanyahu shocked by 7

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened Sunday's weekly cabinet meeting by expressing "shock" at the weekend murders of a young boy and a baby girl and said a special committee would be set up to boost protection for children. "I would like to express shock over the murders of seven-year-old Leon Kalantarov and eight-month-old Fruma Anshin," he said. "Today, we will establish a ministerial committee chaired by Justice Minister Ya'akov Neeman, and including Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch and Welfare and Social Services Minister Isaac Herzog, to examine what steps the government must take - in addition to those already in place - in order to assure the security of our children from such horrors." President Shimon Peres also referred to the weekend murders on Sunday. "Israeli citizens awoke to harsh news and we cannot come to terms with such incidents," he said. "This time everyone must group together - it is our obligation to be shocked and learn the required lessons so that our children will grow up in a safe environment."