PM shocked over triple-homicide

Netanyahu expressed "solidarity with the family over this tragedy."

Netanya Murder 311 (photo credit: Channel 10)
Netanya Murder 311
(photo credit: Channel 10)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expressed shock and sadness over the murder of three children by their father in Netanya during cabinet meeting Sunday, saying "the government must do everything possible to prevent such acts in the future."
"Yesterday, we were witness to a heinous act, which I am convinced the entire country is in mourning over and is outraged at.  I mean the awful murder of three young children – Omer, 10; Ronnie, 8; and Or, 5 – by their father.
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"As the government, we are called on to do our utmost to prevent such deeds.  I know that Social Welfare and Social Services Minister Yitzhak Herzog has established a committee of inquiry including officials from his ministry, as well as mental health, public security and legal officials, in order to do what it can so that the evil that resides in the human heart does not find expression in acts of violence and murder against innocent, defenseless, young children."
Netanyahu addressed Welfare and Social Services Minister Isaac Herzog, saying "I would like to hear the results of your inquiry as soon as possible.  In any case, I am certain that I speak for us all, and for the entire country, when I express our deepest outrage and our solidarity with the family over this awful tragedy."
The committee is expected to be made up of members in different disciplines, including sources outside of the ministry of welfare and social services. The recommendations will be submitted as soon as possible.
38-year-old Itai Ben-Dror allegedly stabbed his three children to death in his Netanya home on Saturday morning, police said.
“Now my children have found peace,” Itai Ben-Dror wrote in a note to his court-appointed attorney from his hospital bed later in the day.
Itai's wife Lilach was reported to have asked her family to "let me die, there is no point in living. If you love me, let me die." Lilach's recently deceased mother was said to have warned her against contact with Itai.
Rescue workers found Ben-Dror in bed trying to slit his wrists. Omer, 10, Roni, 8, and Or, 5 had stab wounds across their entire bodies. They had been covered with a blanket.
Benjamin Hartman contributed to this report.